How do you work and care for someone?

How do you manage to work and care for someone?

A child, a disabled person or a relative with mental health issues all can be taxing and it's not only the time and effort it takes to keep them safe, clothed and fed but it's the mental capacity you have yourself. This is my...

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Remembering Dad on Fathers Day

That man deserved a medal.


He literally did EVERYTHING for mum.  Now of course he has paved the way for me to care for a lady who does exactly as she pleases, tells me opens "Oh no I don't do things like that." When I ask her to run a cloth around the bathroom but...

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Progression of Mums dementia

I sense mums dementia is progressing.


We are at this stage.


The clothes were all ending up in various bedrooms (I wish I could fit into my sons jeans!) and all of them felt ever so slightly smaller. I knew I was losing weight yet these clothes were...

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While she is well, this is what we do


Getting to the gym while being a carer

Mum has been on a rollercoaster.  These are the kind hearted comments I get, "I'm sorry to see mum has taken a turn for the worst." or from mum herself, "I seem to have turned a corner now, maybe it was a little blip."

Erm No...

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Ambulance once again…

Poor Mum. She asked me to call the ambulance.


I'm guessing this is more a heart related story than a dementia one.  In case you didn't know, Mum had a pretty large heart attack on January 2017 - almost a year to the day we said goodbye to Dad.  There actually is a...

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Wales, a farmhouse fit for mum and us


Hopping into the car early morning on Good Friday, we took the long road to Wales.  I love it here.  We stayed here the Christmas after Dad died.  Actually, new years eve, which was my birthday.  Dad was always the ‘dance floor partner’ and I couldn’t bear...

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Dementia mum and me

Where have we been?

I'm so sorry mum and I have been MIA.  Apologies.


My intention was to write this blog every day and even just record some photos to get up on here for memory sake.  So here is a small update, laden with excuses/reasons for the lack of writing.  First though, mum is...

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Retreat House

Are we moving to Cornwall?

Are we moving to Cornwall?


Aha, I see why you ask. A popular Question among our readers and friends alike. I’ve made this all complicated (I’m tempted to say when it doesn’t need to be - but it is).



When mum got sick


January of this year...

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The Bubble in Whitstable









Yesterday was a beautifully sunny Sunday.



Following a crazy busy week as we celebrated the twins 18th birthday, chaos surrounded us.  Yet we loved it. Although I sensed I hadn't really had much time...

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