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Are we moving to Cornwall?

Are we moving to Cornwall?


Aha, I see why you ask. A popular Question among our readers and friends alike. I’ve made this all complicated (I’m tempted to say when it doesn’t need to be - but it is).



When mum got sick


January of this year...

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The Bubble in Whitstable









Yesterday was a beautifully sunny Sunday.



Following a crazy busy week as we celebrated the twins 18th birthday, chaos surrounded us.  Yet we loved it. Although I sensed I hadn't really had much time...

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The time of her life in Lanzarote.

Mum kept us on our toes recently.  Being incredibly unwell.  




Somehow, with a lot of medication and lots of taking obs, she got just about well enough in the nick of time to fly away for a winter getaway.


She is loving...

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How to help mum retain her independence…

Am I in a place to give advice about how you should encourage your loved one to remain independent? I think I'm not. That wouldn't be safe.  I'm not an expert.  However, I have learnt that pretty much all health (not only mental health and dementia) is specific to the...

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Dementia mum and me

Crowded shops are not for Mum anymore…

Crowded Shops are not for mum!

Christmas is fast approaching.  


The monthly paid workers have been paid and this Saturday promises to be a busy one.

Not thinking, my only thoughts were with my daughter who works for a shop which is famous for being uber...

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Mums opinion of Rak-Su (xfactor)


She makes me chuckle  :)


If you don’t watch xfactor you might not know . Rak-su are amazing. Since day one of singing “I’m feelin’ you” til now they are a gorgeous manly bunch of grooving, funky moving, tune blasting loveliness....

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Forgetfulness at the Garden Centre

The Garden center


Driving past the garden center recently mum announced, “Ohh Milbrook, we have to go there, not been there in ages.”

Yes she asks a lot but then I think I would ask a lot too if I knew I was on borrowed time.

I would want to cram everything...

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November begins

November begins

Halloween has come and gone, thank goodness. I’m not a fan.

Mum loved giving the children the sweets and going totally overboard with praising them on their costumes. Which they loved in return.

A firm believer in the entire theory of seeing her happy...

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