Dementia Mum and Me

Weddings and castles and dementia

Mum was a young girl once too. She was cheeky and a little naughty.

Now she seems more naughty than she used to be! But way back when, she used to work as a tea lady, pushing the trolley from office to office and being famous for screeching out, “tea timeeeee.”

During those days, Mum made some amazing friends and some amazing memories. My insight to that as a child was the times at home when she was stressed and agitated.

“Need to get this buffy done!” She would yell as she cooked more and more vol au vents for the said Buffet. Being self employed seemed like a little bit of a dream really. We had always been on the breadline. Things seemed a little easier now. Mum was loving it, despite the stress.

Preparing in her tea room was a hive for activity. Ladies used to frequently appear in tears and go to chat to mum about their latest heartbreak. Except for Sue who was very private, a true lady and a great friend. Mum held Sue very close to her heart.

In fact when Sue had her baby boy Luke, Mum was first on the scene, chuffed to bits that Sue invited Mum to cradle Luke in her arms. Always proud of this she would tell people, “I was the first one to hold him when he was born.” So when Luke stood to speak at his wedding this week, he made mum cry as he mentioned her first off.

We all cried when he mentioned that if his Mum hadn’t fallen victim to breast cancer when he was 9 years old, it would have been her birthday today. A lovely, lovely young man looking so lovingly at his new wife. Sue would be so proud.


Someone told me off!

Mum wasn’t herself at all. I couldn’t help but chuckle as she told someone inaccurately, “Cos they told me I’ll never be able to pick up a hoover again.”

I was picked up for correcting her but this was funny. I love her excuse.

To her it was real though.

She didn’t last the duration of the day. She was shattered. Spending time with special friends was wonderful to Mum.
One wish I have is to stop thinking as she says goodbye to her friends, ‘Will this be the last time they see her?’


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