November begins

November begins

Halloween has come and gone, thank goodness. I’m not a fan.

Mum loved giving the children the sweets and going totally overboard with praising them on their costumes. Which they loved in return.

A firm believer in the entire theory of seeing her happy and having fun,  I do hope that all of this might help her health both physically and mentally.  Currently, this seems to be working.  Amazing.  That said,  if it’s not but it’s helping her enjoy the time she has left on this earth in that physical body then that’s a great job too.


Pointless keeping someone wrapped in cotton wool, watching TV on the sofa all day.  That’s not living.  Not unless there is no choice of course.

Mum loves her TV and she talks to it and cheers on the people in the game shows.  The theme tunes of such game shows encourage my impatience.  Not my thing.  But i do have a TV in the end of my bed and I do have the home office which is handy right now as copious amounts of work are chasing my tail with deadlines.  

Of course, then I give myself more deadlines by launching new books, websites and editing more videos.  Yet it’s all important.  And I love it!

Everything seems to be working.  Mum is happy.  We have figured things out between us.  If she has a busy day, she might need the next day in front of the TV. Or a daytime nap.  I’m sure I’d be napping every day but not mum.

I remember when I was a child I was always forced to bed in the afternoon on New Years Eve as it was going to be a late night.  Thing is, NYEve is my birthday.  You can imagine! I never wanted to sleep away my birthday.. Anyhow…

House news.

There was a rascal came into our lives.  When mum and dads house went on the market it was for a fair price. Then we received an offer on the house for 35k less than the asking price.  A ballsy offer.  I discussed it with mum who just wanted it gone.

“Get rid of it.” She said in no uncertain terms.


We accepted the offer and were due to exchange this coming week.  Then all guns blazing for the house in cornwall.

Last weekend the guy came to look at the house for the 3rd time to measure up for furniture.  Who then decided there was work to be done which he felt he should have another 25k knocked off the price! IS he kidding??? I had to say no.  Of course I did.  So now we have no buyer and the house is back on the market.

After seeking advice from the people in the know about dementia, I am now harbouring this as a secret from mum.  She will be upset and confused.  So now I need to hope we can find a buyer and FAST.

Thankfully, really thankfully, I wrote a very transparent and honest email to the agent in Cornwall and the lovely person who owns the house there is going to wait for us which is fabulous! I am so happy and honestly so thankful. I really didn’t want us to lose this dream.

I’ve got mortgage quotes to buy to let mums house, I have seen builders for refurbishments but will all this be too much for mum to deal with when she actually just wanted to say goodbye to the house?  I’m not sure what is the right thing.  But my folks worked so hard for that house.  I simply can’t just give it away.

Maybe a lick of paint over the walls to cover the flowery wallpaper which consumes every wall, ceiling and sometimes doors….ugh.  Massive job which I’m not really up to doing.

Meanwhile, must fly. Back to the Dr’s for me.


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