I’m sorry but this is just how I feel about dementia…

Living with someone with dementia is hard.


I’m sorry

I apologise

This new blog was full of promise of exciting stories to share during the twilight times of mums life.

Photos of adventures and all.  Things were going very well.  This blog was gaining a great audience.

Can I be honest with you?

Things here have been rather tricky and I haven’t (still haven’t) figured out how to take this blog forwards in a positive direction when things are so tricky.

Maybe I have been naive.  Perhaps overly positive.  Living with someone with dementia is hard. Let alone living with mum who was never the easiest person to live with either.  I’m struggling.

What would you do?  Do I ignore how I’m feeling and write positively and get creative with the nice stuff to make it seem all rosy? Or do I open up and be honest to share my feelings with those others who might be looking for some reassurance that this is a normal feeling and a usual one?  This would carry a risk of seeming brutal and unloving.  I’m neither.  Yet the upbringing I have had is difficult to look past.  Having never been told, “I love you.” I don’t accept this was ‘just our generation’ as many say. I had lots of friends who had loving parents.  Listing all of the hurts that I fail to leave behind me would help you to understand.  Yet I kind of feel I need to know this is what you want to hear.

If we rather share photos and little explanations of where we have been and what we have done then I shall do that too and keep my frustrations off the internet.

The majority of this audience is probably people who tune in to know what mum has been up to.  If you are a dementia carer, please let me know as I honestly feel I would be happy to reach out so you know you aren’t alone.

Meanwhile, I will very shortly upload a new blog post with photos of our recent adventures to Wales which is a place I adore and love very much.


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  1. Yvonne

    Oh bless you Louise! Did I ever tell you about my brother in law who looked after my sister even when she had to go into a nursing home. He didn’t stop looking after her every day and night she was there not letting the staff do anything for lher. They did say. US to keep an eye on him. Being s carer is such hard work especially mentally. Unfortunately he went down hill fast and is now in a nursing home himself and a total mess. Please Louise you MUST put yourself first look after yourself. Get a break when you can accept help from anyone who offers.

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