Wales, a farmhouse fit for mum and us


Hopping into the car early morning on Good Friday, we took the long road to Wales.  I love it here.  We stayed here the Christmas after Dad died.  Actually, new years eve, which was my birthday.  Dad was always the ‘dance floor partner’ and I couldn’t bear to go out and dance without him.  So we rang in the new year in this beautiful place, in my pyjamas in front of the TV with Robbie Williams singing and Big Ben Chiming at midnight.

This house is fantastic.   The nature that surrounds is more than healing for my heart.  Walking through the woods is incredible.  Harley the shih tzu snuggles into me as we sit on the sofa and I write.

Internet absent, there is a great chance to read a book, or even write one in my case.  Mum enjoys the word search and TV as is usual for her.  A creature of habit.

Despite not being able to walk so well on the terrain now, she still ventures out with us when she can and we either find her a coffee shop or she sits in the car and watches us while we hop over walls to take photography of streams and waterfalls.  We love it here.  I call this ‘our house’ even though we don’t own it. I would happily come here alone when the twins have flown the nest and mum isn’t here anymore.  It’s almost like a need to come here.  More than a desire.


The view of our house
Amazing scenery





Harley the shih tzu
Upon arrival, cake was eaten by the fireplace.

Jasmine helping mum walk to the farm
Me ‘pulling a lamb’

Mum at the foot of snowdon

Token snowman shot
Nathan the photographer taking amazing shots
The snow fell in snowdonia.
The view from mine and mums bedroom window









Immediately before we left for this break, mum saw a spike in blood pressure once again. This is becoming regular with her.  Often showing reasons right at the last post not to leave for the said break, we kept an eye on her, hoping we would be able to come away.  The Drs are less concerned these days. I sense they know which direction these health issues are going to go. A blood pressure of 187/110 and heart rate of ‘slow’ I called 111. They advised going to casualty.  Mum refused and went to bed so I spoke to 3 doctors in the end and they asked me to wake her and give her a blood pressure tablet and check again in 4 hours.  There was some improvement but the blood pressure still remains unstable now.  She had one where it was low.  Yesterday morning her oxygen levels were at 88 which is dangerous so we couldn’t go up any hills.  The altitude would not be great for the blood oxygen levels.  It’s a constant battle.  This as well as trying to walk the dog on one arm, mum hanging off the other arm and me trying to keep my sore back in check, there are challenges.

Have the scenes been worth it?

Oh yes.



Louise xoxo

The story of this blog beginning is here.

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