Progression of Mums dementia

I sense mums dementia is progressing.


We are at this stage.


The clothes were all ending up in various bedrooms (I wish I could fit into my sons jeans!) and all of them felt ever so slightly smaller. I knew I was losing weight yet these clothes were definitely smaller.

Mum seems quite obsessed with washing the clothes. So I watched what she does. The button on the washing machine is always set to number 9 which gives us a nice quick, economical wash which is a 30 degree wash. So what was the problem? Mum turned it to 60 degree and put the darks and whites in together and filled the machine with fabric conditioner. I corrected her with these issues and tried to keep patient.

A few days later, my son carefully approached a subject which worried me.
“Mum did you want to get rid of the palm tree out the garden?”
“Erm, no definitely not!”
“I thought not, you love that tree.”
So the conversation with mum was that I felt the tree had some dead bits on which I was going to ask my son to help me to remove. Suddenly mum escalated that into the tree was going to be cut down. She asked my son to help her cut it down.  Had he not checked, I would have arrived home to no tree. I would have been furious and devastated.  And that would have been unfair on all of us.  I felt this was a new area we are exploring now.

We already had mum leaving the front door open to speak to the neighbour (when we have a dog and live on a main road this is an issue). These little things are adding up and you can’t help but begin to wonder if you can actually cope with this when things get much worse.


Reaching out when this progression happens

Beginning to get quite panicked and low about it, I bumped into one of mums wonderful friends who was very helpful and has no idea how much that settled me. She reminded me that I really need to put myself first and keep my own life going too. She’s right. I need to learn to juggle more.

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