Remembering Dad on Fathers Day

That man deserved a medal.


He literally did EVERYTHING for mum.  Now of course he has paved the way for me to care for a lady who does exactly as she pleases, tells me opens “Oh no I don’t do things like that.” When I ask her to run a cloth around the bathroom but yet will happily cut down a rose bush in the middle of summer while it’s blooming.  I hear Dad now silently rolling his eyes as she continues to do as she pleases.


Dad was far from perfect.  His harsh words used to cut through me from childhood right up until adulthood.  Yet looking back at the Allen side of the family, I do wonder if it was his frustrations of living with a lady such as mum (let’s face it, none of us are easy to live with) caused him to have his tempers and critical side.


Yet, I can’t help but think on this Fathers Day, just how loving and caring he was to mum.  All the housework was his domain. Taking care of everything else was pretty much his domain.  He drove mum to places, bought her lunch and made sure she was ok.  I can’t compete with that.

Frequently he told us he would continue to be a gardener until he dropped. “I can’t stand being at home all day being nagged.” He said quite seriously. He got his wish.


Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there, passed on or still on Earth.


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