Louise Usher

I’m Louise. Daughter to Margaret. She has mixed dementia (vascular and alzheimers).

Together we are creating memories and I’m keeping them in my online journal here.

A book will follow. I adore writing! After becoming an indie author and fulfilling a life long dream we have now found that as Mums full time carer there really is no choice but to live the dream life with work while taking care of Mum too.

My final year of university will be a challenge as I also sell mums house and set up a retreat in the Cornish countryside. Once registered as a nutritionist, I will still help others online with health and wellness. So much of it being about the mind and taking life by storm.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, yet I hope that as Mum advances in her illness I can take care of her and still keep writing, creating memories, travelling with Mum where possible as well as bringing an income all from my laptop!